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  • Nick Powills

This Month Flew By, Get Used to it and Change Now

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

We, as human beings, should be in a constant battle to outdo yesterday’s performance.

The resolutions created 31 days ago, for many, are dead. They were buried, burned and forgotten because life took over, or excuses stepped in. But, whoever created the mindset that you only set resolutions at the turn of the year was probably the same person who was convinced that all PR is good PR.


Whether your resolutions are intact or not, one thing that you know for sure is that January just flew by. As will February, March and April (even in freezing cold cities like Chicago – which is where I live). Life, my friends, will pass us by. Plenty of country and folk singers have warned us this much. Thus, today could be the day you make a change – for the better, of course.

New Year’s Day or hitting the bottom are not the points you should wait for in order to make a change. We, as human beings, should be in a constant battle to outdo yesterday’s performance. Our biggest competitors are ourselves. So, today is your day. Today, you don’t make excuses; you hustle and set the tone to kick February’s butt.

Have you ever challenged yourself to really set life goals? It’s certainly not an easy task. What are your dreams? What do you want to accomplish? What does success look like?

If you were to stop reading this column for two minutes and were required to write down three great things you want to accomplish, what would that list look like? Would you do it?

For me, I am in a constant battle with myself to kick butt at goals – both big and small. I am a dreamer. I think about greatness a lot. Perfection is impossible, but no one can beat my hustle. Many of you probably feel the same way.

Even though January is going, going, gone – the rest of the year remains. If you sit on the sidelines and don’t kick butt, this year will pass you by – and in life, time is not something you can get back.

You are in control. You decide what happens next. Hopefully that helps make you pause and think about crushing it – not tomorrow, simply put – the immediate second after you read this word.

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