Sticks and Stones

by Nick Powills

Turn Your Struggles Into Fuel and Find Your Velocity

In Sticks and Stones: Building Entrepreneurial Success from Life’s Struggles, author and CFE Nick Powills shares how his personal struggle with weight and being teased as a kid fueled his drive to become a successful entrepreneur. By transforming his painful memories into motivation, Powills unlocked a life-changing process for entrepreneurs and for anyone who is ready to make the choice to better their lives.

Contrary to common narrative, readers will find that their personal and professional lives can and should mix well together as they pursue their goals in one or both arenas. Lifting from adverse experience, readers will learn how to turn trial into triumph--their fuel. From there, Powills directs readers on just how to leverage that fuel into a trusted foundation from which they can achieve momentum and then hit velocity.


Powills' book will help readers turn their struggles into strengths and achieve more--on their own terms.

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You'll Learn...

How to adjust your views on past struggles and understand that the value of those moments outweigh the negatives.

You'll Learn...

How to jumpstart your vision, whether it’s starting a business, losing weight or writing a book.

You'll Learn...

That if you stay committed to reaching your VELOCITY, the process of life, of business, and ultimately, the pursuit of happiness is achievable and anything is possible.

You'll Learn...

That your vision can change over your time. One day you might want to run a half-marathon, but that could eventually turn into ultimately completing a triathlon.

Formulas for Success

One Inch of Difference
Willingness To Change
You'll Learn...

How to apply Nick’s unique formulas for entrepreneurial success -- FOUNDATION, MOMENTUM and VELOCITY -- to your life.

You'll Learn...

Which critical data points have emerged in your own life --your FUEL moments -- and how those FUEL moments shape who you are today and who you can be tomorrow.

You'll Learn...

How to assess your current and future states with an adaptive mindset, fine-tuning your FOUNDATION and MOMENTUM as needed in service of your VELOCITY.

You'll Learn...

How to define an action plan detailing how your story connects to your vision, what steps remain to achieving VELOCITY and the confidence to execute.

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